Monthly Archives: November 2016

Weekly Reading Roundup – 11/23/16

Short week for the long Thanksgiving weekend, but long list! Enjoy! (sorry for the duplicates from prior weeks)

How a Researcher Used her Computational Know How to Beat Her Ovarian Cancer – Washington Post:

Media in the Age of Algorithms – Medium:

What so Many People Don’t Get About the Working Class – HBR:

Designing with Machine Learning – WeWork Blog:

Frozen Accidents: Why the Future is so Unpredictable – Farnam Street Blog:

Cameras, ecommerce, and Machine Learning – Benedict Evans:

How Finance Gutted Manufacturing – Boston Review:

How Surgeons Stay Focused for Hours – WSJ:

‘We Couldn’t Believe Our Eyes’: A Lost World of Shipwrecks Is Found – NY Times:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 11/11/16

Tech firms shell out to hire and hoard talent – Economist:

The Competitive Landscape for Machine Intelligence – HBR:

What’s Wrong with Big Data? – New Humanist:

How Artificial Intelligence Will Redefine Management – HBR:

The Big Data Ecosystem of Data Science – OReilly:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 11/04/16

Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation – Medium/Uber Public Policy:

Apple Should Buy Netflix – Stratechery:
(Personal Note: I really really hope they don’t)

How Spotify Can Tear Up the Music Biz – Bloomberg:

Big Dollars in Astroid Mining (Infographic) – Visual Capitalist: