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Weekly Reading Roundup – 01/27/17

The History of Solar Energy [INFOGRAPHIC] – Visual Capitalist:

What is a GPU and Why Do I Care, A Businessperson’s Guide – MapD:

How I Got My Attention Back – Back Channel:

Inside Pandora’s Quest to Take on Spotify, Apple Music & Amazon – Billboard:

Everything You Need To Know About Corporate Venture Capital in Europe – Venture Beat:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 01/20/17

An Aging World: Percentage of the Population Age 65+ in 2015 and 2050 – Ritholtz:

The Clouds of Andromeda- Slate:

How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games:
The responsibilities and challenges of programmed luck. – Nautil:

Millenials Are Falling Behind Their Boomer Parents – ABC News:

The Inside Story of Google’s Daydream, Where VR Feels Like Home – Wired:

Move Over Codes, Physicists Will Soon Rule Silicon Valley – Wired:

An Aerial Tour of the TESLA GIGA Factory – Ritzholtz:

The Simple Economics of Machine Learning – Digitopoly:

How Google Tracks You [Infographic] – Visual Capitalist:

Rise of RoboMasters – The Verge:

The Great Unbundling – Stratechery:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 01/13/17

Just How Smart is an Octopus? – Washington Post:

The Ten Year Anniversary of the Apple TV – Stratechery:

Millennial’s May Need to Double How Much They Save for Retirement – Washington Post:

At Last, the Music Industry Rediscovers Its Mojo – Financial Times:

GTA V + Universe – OpenAI:

Poker is the Latest Game to Fold to Artificial Intelligence – Technology Review:

My Experience as a Freelance Data Scientist – Greg Reda:

Corporations Need a New Reason to Be – Bloomberg:

Drowned Fox Encased in Ice Block Pulled From Germany’s Danube River – The Star:

The Age of Analytics, Competing in a Data Driven World – McKinsey:

How Shazam Handles its Data Reserves – Computer Weekly:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 01/06/17

I know you want it, I know you need it; so the Weekly Reading Roudup has returned for 2017! Happy New Year and I hope you were all able to have a great holiday season with an outlook to boot for rounding-out the winter season. I know I did and I know I will:

Big Data Analytics: Eating an Elephant – Forbes:

Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System – Stratechery:

MUSIC: Grumby – Stuck:

US Cities are Getting Smarter and You Probably Didn’t Notice – Quartz:

What It’s Like to Work at Snapchat, One of the Most Secretive Companies in Tech – Business Insider: