Monthly Archives: February 2017

Weekly Reading Roundup – 02/24/17

Getting Rich vs Staying Rich – Collaborative Fund:

Bill Gates: The Robot that Takes Your Job Should Pay Taxes – QZ:

Why Data Nerds Struggle to Gain Power at Hedge Funds – Bloomberg:

Manifestos and Monopolies – Stratechery:

The First Time… – Flowing Data:

10 Venture Capital Databases for Startups – NAnalyze:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 02/17/17

These Tiny Drones Pollinate Like Bees – ZDNet:

A Dozen Lessons on Growth – 25IQ:

The High Tech War on Science Fraud – The Guardian:

Lessons on Aging Well From a 105-Year Old Cyclist – NY Times:

The State of Information Visualization, 2017 – Eager Eyes:

Snap’s Apple Strategy – Stratechery:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 02/10/17

Want a Better [Sales] Pitch? Watch This – Film Narrative / Medium:

Inspired Media – Stratechery:

Math and the Best Life: An Interview with Francis Su – Quant Magazine:

One Dataset Visualized 25 Different Ways – Flowing Data:

Tesla’s Battery Revolution Just Hit Critical Mass – Bloomberg:

Wilbur Ross and the Cabinet of Billionaires – Bloomberg:

The Secret Life of Trees: The Astonishing Science of What Trees Feel and How They Communicate – Brain Pickings:

All of Donald Trump’s Business Ties in One Overwhelming Visualization – Wired:

The Radical Crusaide of Mike Pence – Rolling Stone:

The Purpose of Sleep? To Forget, Scientists Say – NY Times:

MotoMods Hackaton: Moving the Modular Smartphone Concept Forward – ZDNews:

Lifelong Learning is Good for Your Health, Your Wallet, and Your Social Life – Harvard Business Review:

Mark Cuban on Why You Need to Study Artificial Intelligence or You’ll Be a Dinosaur in 3 Years – Both Sides of the Table:

Sex Doesn’t Sell Anymore, Activism Does (And the Big Brands Know It) – The Guardian:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 02/03/17

The Merging of Humans and Machines is Happening Now – Wired:

How to Make America’s Robots Great Again – NYTimes:

How East and West Think in Profoundly Different Ways – BBC Future:

The Risks of Owning an Individual Stock – Alpha Architect:

How to Produce High Quality Investment Reporting – A Wealth of Common Sense:

Why Leadership = Story Telling – Medium:

To My Jewish Irish Asian and Italian Friends – The Reformed Broker:

What it Takes to Truly Delete Data – FiveThirtyEight: