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Weekly Reading Roundup – 05/19/17

Pitchfork Grows Up – Bloomberg:

Sky’s Not Falling in San Francisco, Either – Ritholtz:

To Age Better, Eat Better – Harvard News:

A List of Artificial Intelligence Tools You Can Use Today For Personal Use – Hacker Noon:

(VIDEO) What Is Gluten Sensitivity? – Live Science:

Silicon Valley, A Reality Check – Slate Star Codex:

Old Tweets About Classified Info From GOP and Trump Resurface – NY Daily News:

VC101 How VCs Operate, and What You Should Know as a Founder – AWS Startup Blogs:

An EPIC Trading Tale From Norway – The Macro Tourist:

How One Little Cable Company Exposed Telecom’s Achilles Heel – Back Channel:

Household Debt Makes a Comeback in the US – NY Times:

WannaCry and the Power of Business Models – Stratechery:

Boring Google – Stratechery:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 05/12/17

The Long, Hard, Unprecedented Fall of Sears – Bloomberg:

Rare Supernova Discover Ushers In New Era of Cosmology – Phys Org:

Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable – NYTimes:

Colliding Clusters of Galaxies Make Waves… Gorgeous, Gorgeous Waves – Bad Astronomy:

Local News Business Model – Stratechery:

(IMAGE) Top Data Science Skills by Job – Business Broadway:

Neural Network Generated Illustrations – Google Research Blog:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 05/05/17

How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All – The Atlantic:

Following Your Passion is a Numbers Game – Of Dollars and Data:

The Demise Of Tilt: A Bargain For Airbnb, A Classic Loss For Investors Like Andreessen Horowitz – Fast Company:

Why good data scientists make good product managers (and why they’ll be a little uncomfortable) – Medium:

Cloud vs Data Centers: Key Trends for IT Decision Makers – ZDNet:

(Infographic) Cloud Use is Growing but the Data Center isn’t Dead – ZDNet:

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Five Different Cloud Types – ZDNet:

Big Data Exposes Big Falsehoods – MIT Technology Review:

(VIDEO) Elon Musk’s TED Interview 2017 – Ritzholz:

All the fake news that’s fit to print: Why is The New York Times printing climate science denial? – SyFy Wire:

US Tech’s Self Feeding Digital Money Machine is on Show This Week – Bloomberg:

Apple’s China Problem – Stratechery:

Tesla Has a Lot More In Store than the Model 3 – Bloomberg:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 04/28/17

The Purpose of Life is Not Happiness It’s Usefulness – The Art of Practicality:

The Tyranny of Consulting – Institutional Investor:

A Retiree Discovers an Elusive Math Proof — And Nobody Notices – Wired:

Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future – Wait Buy Why:

Frank and Steve’s Excellent Corporate Raiding Adventures – The Atlantic:

The Blood of the Crab – Popular Mechanics:

The United States of Work – New Republic:

Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive – Bolt:

Getting to Grips with Blockchain – Soapbox:

Not OK Google – Stratechery:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 04/21/17

News is Bad For You — and Giving Up Reading It Will Make You Happier – The Guardian:

Rise of a New Species of Human Being – Singularity Hub:

Our Puny Human Brains Are Terrible at Thinking About the Future – Slate:

4 Things That Set Successful CEO’s Apart – Harvard Business Review:

CEO Pay Is Out of Control. Here’s How to Rein It In – Fortune:

Facebook and the Cost of Monopoly – Stratechery:

How Google Eats a Business Whole – The Outline:

(VIDEO) Keynote Session: Dr. Edward Tufte – The Future of Data Analysis – Channel 9:

(PDF) Data Age 2025: The Evolution of Data to Life-Critical – Seagate:

Silicon Valley’s $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze – Bloomberg: