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Weekly Reading Roundup – 06/09/17

The Riddle of the Wall Street Brain Drain – Bloomberg:

Apple’s Strengths and Weaknesses – Stratechery:

Reality Check: Companies Need to Invest in Wages and Training – Strategy Business:

A Peek Under Bitcoin’s Hood – Sam Lewis:

How to Call B.S. On Big Data, A Practical Guide – The New Yorker:

Is American Work at Odds With New Realities of American Life? – USA Today:

If Your Company Isn’t Good At Analytics, It’s Not Ready for AI – Harvard Business Review:

The Unintended Consequences of Machine Learning – KDNuggets:

Weekly Reading Roundup – 06/02/17

What Get Stolen From Restaurants? Everything – Bloomberg:

IKEA launches $86,500 flat-pack home — but don’t worry, they’ll build it for you – Digital Trends:

The 15 Richest Billionaire Football Club Owners in England, and How They Made Their Money – Business Insider:

Aerospace Executive ‘Absolutely Convinced’ There Are Aliens On Earth – Huffington Post:

Laptops in 2017, Which GPU is Right For You? – Laptop Mag:

Giving Up Time as a Parent – Flowing Data:

Basic Income: The Potential For Crytocurrency – Continuations:

How Data Science Helps Power Worldwide Delivery of Netflix Content – Medium:

How Siemens Is Using Big Data And IoT To Build The Internet Of Trains – Forbes:

Faceless Publishers – Stratechery:

The Coca-Cola Company Commercialization Program Welcomes New Corporate Partners and Doubles the Number of Participating Startups – PR Web:

How Your Data is Stored, or, The Laws of the Imaginary Greeks – Hackernoon:

8 Ways Machine Learning Is Improving Companies’ Work Processes – Harvard Business Review:

How A Data Scientist Can Improve His Productivity – Data Version Control: