On Why I’m Starting This Blog and Website

We’ve come a long way. I’d say putting a man on the moon stands as one of the highlights in the history of mankind, as well as our abilities to map the human genome, ‘find’ the Higgs boson, and ‘discover’ fire and electricity.

And yet, here I am. I’ve realized that those who’ve achieved, earned their due (correlation, not causation). Nothing is free. Luck doesn’t just happen. In order to get some (luck) it requires doing something different.

I’m in it to win it:

  • Taking risks, and putting myself ‘out there’.
  • Re-enforcing my beliefs in transparency, by delivering insights into my progression.
  • Pursuit of becoming a thought leader of industry, or area of specialty.
  • Gain skills that I would otherwise never obtain.
  • Learning to program by creating a website (check), mobile app (in progress), online shop (in progress), and more (to be determined?).
  • Exercising my mental abilities and refining communication skills.

I encourage everyone to stand up to stand out. I’d like to make this my space for exploration, discussion, and expression. I’d like to walk readers through my perspectives, rational, and irrationality, hoping to inspire, teach, and learn.


I learn by doing, better by failing, and get results by attempting.

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