Weekly Reading Roundup – 9/22/16

To celebrate post-mid-September (a made up thing I just made up), here’s a week’s worth of reading, with a lot of stuff around Elon Musk coming through:

idalab – 7 Ways How Data Science Fuels the FinTech Revolution: http://idalab.de/blog/data-science/fintech-revolution

Mashable – Elon Musk says the future of AI is in linking it to our brains: http://mashable.com/2016/09/17/elon-musk-ai-brain-interface (not very new in terms of future concept, but this is apparently becoming more mainstream)

Washington Post – The battle between Tesla and your neighborhood car dealership: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/the-battle-between-tesla-and-your-neighborhood-car-dealership/2016/09/09/55fb1878-6864-11e6-99bf-f0cf3a6449a6_story.html

Y-Combinator – How to Build the Future Series: Elon Musk Interview: http://www.ycombinator.com/future/elon/

NY Times – What San Francisco Says About America: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/18/opinion/sunday/what-san-francisco-says-about-america.html?_r=0 (honestly, didn’t understand the point of this article. I mean, there was a point yeah… but there is no Walmart in or around the San Francisco Bay Area so the writer was obviously talking about a San Francisco in another world. Or simply used the city as click-bait. Like I’ve been saying though, the United States is not a first-world country. There’s no way it can be.)

R-Bloggers/Flavio Azevedo – Learning Statistics on YouTube: https://www.r-bloggers.com/learning-statistics-on-youtube/ or http://flavioazevedo.com/stats-and-r-blog/2016/9/13/learning-r-on-youtube (better format IMO)

yhat – Analyzing the Conditions for Studying Stars: http://blog.yhat.com/posts/astronomical-conditions.html

Harvard Business Review – Price Gouging and the Dangerous New Breed of Pharma Companies: https://hbr.org/2016/07/price-gouging-and-the-dangerous-new-breed-of-pharma-companies

Bloomberg – Amazon Eats the Department Store: https://www.bloomberg.com/gadfly/articles/2016-09-20/amazon-clothing-sales-could-soon-top-macy-s

Bloomberg – Blame Headhunters for Increasing Wage Gap: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-08-28/blame-headhunters-for-increasing-wage-gap

Stratechery – Oracle’s Cloudy Future: https://stratechery.com/2016/oracles-cloudy-future/ (extremely interesting, essentially gives the history of Oracle and database structures in the process!)

Corporate Technologies (via OpenDataScience) – Next Generation Analytics: The Collision of Classic and Big Data Analytics: https://www.opendatascience.com/blog/next-generation-analytics-the-collision-of-classic-big-data-analytics

Data Science 101 – Data Science and the Perfect Team: http://101.datascience.community/2016/09/22/data-science-and-the-perfect-team/

KDNuggets – Data Science Basics: 3 Insights for Beginners: http://www.kdnuggets.com/2016/09/data-science-basics-3-insights-beginners.html

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